DRAGON BALL Z 86 - Kid Buu: A New Beginning

DRAGON BALL Z 86 - Kid Buu: A New Beginning

Otaku Code: 38504B
External ID: fun03713
Barcode: 704400037139
Category: Miscellaneous
Condition: New
Release Date: 11 March, 2003
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Price : £1.99
This VHS tape contians uncut versions off Episodes 274- 276 of the Dragon Ball Z series in English.

273 He's always late, Gokus protecting a nest of Dragon Eggs. Good old Goku but isn't he dead by this point?

274 Grandaughter Pan, Everyones older Goku's kids have kids thats life I guess.

275 Buu's Reincarnation, Goku abuses his big pink friends powers, no not Mr Bobby its Majin Buu, so he gets the chance to beat up a little village boy I never knew Goku was that kinda guy.

276 Goku's Next Journey, Uub the Village kid isn't proving to be a push over at all he's fighting back quite well. So Goku turns on the charm and takes him out for a date, you go Goku.

Spoken Language: English

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