Haruhi Suzumiya Illustrations Spring and Summer

Haruhi Suzumiya Illustrations Spring and Summer

Otaku Code: 92317V
Barcode: 9781926778709
Category: English Book
Pages: 176
Condition: New
Release Date: 25 September, 2013
Status: In stock
Price : £24.99
Can't get enough of Haruhi and the SOS Brigade? Then Haruhi Suzumiya Illustrations: Spring & Summer is the art book for you! Haruhi Suzumiya Illustrations collects the fantastic key visuals and promotional artwork from the hit Haruhi Suzumiya anime series. Spring & Summer features Haruhi and the whole gang in beachwear, sports outfits, summer dresses, evening gowns, and more as they adventure through all sorts of fun and farcical situations.

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